Facebook ‘Left Leaning’ Fact Checkers Scrutinize Shared Content

There’s no doubt Facebook is infested with fake news. But contracting with ‘Left Leaning AP and Snopes‘ is inviting more undue censorship in the social network.

Facebook AP Snopes Fake News

Mark Zuckerberg has contracted with AP and Snopes to weed out fake news external links. But invites censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters

It’s said to be rolling out today, so we will see how it goes. We use Hootsuite to share articles on both desktop and smartphone app. It’ll be interesting what happens to fake news shared from services / apps.

Fox News had this to say earlier today.

Personally we’re thinking these so called “Fact Checkers” will be rejecting good articles as fake news, to further censor Trump supporters.

Oh well.. Just my two cent’s worth as usual.. 😉

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