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Donald J. Trump Inauguration Invitation Received Today

Received my Official Donald J. Trump / Mike Pence presidential Inauguration Invitation Today some TWO Months Late!

When our postman came today i received this large mailer addressed from the committee for the presidential inauguration.

Donald J. Trump Inauguration Invitation

Who delayed the mailing of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration invitation cards?

After opening the envelope there were two professionally designed invitation cards inviting me to the inauguration of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Invitation To Donald J. Trump presidential inauguration

Donald Trump / Mike Pence official inauguration invitation.

Considering all the stink main stream media stirred up about the event attendance size, I’m wondering if someone delayed the invitations?

Update 03/18/2017: Apparently these mailings are NOT Late or held up as previously ASSumed.. It’s my mistake for not reading the enclosed 2nd card.

Printed on the 2nd inauguration card was the wording that explained the mailing. We did not scan the 2nd card but the wording is visible in our video.

The question about the 58th Inauguration has also came up, specifically since Donald Trump is the 45th president, why is this the 58th Inauguration?

The correct answer comes from Wikipedia:

  • Others, in addition to the chief justice, have administered the oath of office to several of the nine vice presidents who succeeded to the presidency upon their predecessor’s death or resignation intra-term.

  • When a new president assumed office under these circumstances the inauguration is kept low key, and conducted without pomp or fanfare.

Oh well – as the old saying goes – shit happens! 😆

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  1. Nancy Rinsch

    I received one the 9th of March also! Very very underhanded!

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Nope.. I don’t think we were deceived. Had i payed attention to the second invitation card the purpose of this mailing would be known. See video added to our article for the explanation.

    2. Justin

      Mine came 3 weeks late and the envelope was bent. I do not doubt that some postal workers were hate filled democrats, but I was just happy to recieve it. Now i gotta get it signed. Lol

  2. Diane Keefe

    My mailman bent mine and stuffed nin mail box. Mailman does this stuff alot. can I get a replacement?

    1. Margie

      A replacement mailman? 😉

      1. FidoSysop (Post author)

        The envelope said Do Not Bend!

        As our fearless leader would say “Your Fired!”

  3. Roger

    I donated to Trump but figured the “late Invite” was a nice gesture! Who knows?

  4. Christine Howell

    Hey I still think its pretty cool.



    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      We didn’t scan the second card. It is readable in our video.

  6. Helena K.

    I just picked my invitation today on 3/16//17, I wonder what was the hold up? But it’s nice to get one anyway.

  7. Kristi S.

    We just received ours today and yes it was bent as well. Only one can speculate why they were late,we too donated money so maybe as a nice gesture we were sent one as a souvenir or we really were meant to get them on time and “someone”had them delayed on purpose, as to give the appearance of Trumps’ Inauguration crowd being smaller. If u get my drift.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      They will do anything to discredit our president. Hopefully heads will roll after today’s revealing Trump was under surveillance selecting his cabinet. Barack Obama and his cohorts should be in jail! ?

  8. Delores Malcomson

    Why send the “invitation” to me, at all? What good is it, as a souvenir, if I was not invited to attend the inauguration in the first place? And, why not invite me, as an American citizen, to participate in this national function, so that I would have had the opportunity to attend and fill up one of the, overwhelmingly obvious, vacant spots? If I, along with all the other people who received these bogus invitations, would have had the option to attend, we could have filled the empty areas that, unfortunately, left it looking like no one wanted to attend Trumps inauguration, compared to the over abundant attendance at both of Obama’s inaugurations! The entire situation lacks any common sense.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Still no update explaining these mailings, that i could find.

      Our Fearless Leader is getting beat up bad by sore democRat losers and deep state leakers. MSM is quick to trash Donald Trump, but conveniently does not mention his accomplishments, since taking office.

      1. Joan

        Yes! I totally agree. If it were Obama with all his flubs, they would be singing his pot smoking praises.

  9. Cali

    I too received my invitation 2 months late ..(March), Lol I thought I was the only one .. My envelope was somewhat tattered as if it went around the country bf getting to me … I reside in WA State. I requested the invitation end of December 2016! …
    I did nicely attend the inauguration, I personally went to my senator’s office the day before and received tickets ..
    Yes, I found it to be odd getting this so late .. But a nice souvenir.

    And I am saddened how our President is getting beat down,
    Thankfully, he is a strong man… God protect him and our country!

  10. Joan

    It was a gift. ANYone could have attended the inauguration ceremony in Washington. It wasn’t for the ball that followed. Again, it is a commemorative GIFT, and I framed mine and hung it on a wall in my den. I’m proud to have it.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Hi Joan, thanks for your comment.

      I have mine put away for a keepsake. Those damn leftists are out of their minds. Donald J Trump has done so much good for America since taking office. It makes no sense what they are doing. Hopefully the scumbags at CNN and MSNBC go out of business soon. It’s past time to thin out the media heard!


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