Donald J. Trump Inauguration Invitation Received Today

Received my Official Donald J. Trump / Mike Pence presidential Inauguration Invitation Today some TWO Months Late!

When our postman came today i received this large mailer addressed from the committee for the presidential inauguration.

Who delayed the mailing of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration invitation cards?

After opening the envelope there were two professionally designed invitation cards inviting me to the inauguration of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Donald Trump / Mike Pence official inauguration invitation.

Considering all the stink main stream media stirred up about the event attendance size, I’m wondering if someone delayed the invitations?

Update 03/18/2017: Apparently these mailings are NOT Late or held up as previously ASSumed.. It’s my mistake for not reading the enclosed 2nd card.

Printed on the 2nd inauguration card was the wording that explained the mailing. We did not scan the 2nd card but the wording is visible in our video.

The question about the 58th Inauguration has also came up, specifically since Donald Trump is the 45th president, why is this the 58th Inauguration?

The correct answer comes from Wikipedia:

  • Others, in addition to the chief justice, have administered the oath of office to several of the nine vice presidents who succeeded to the presidency upon their predecessor’s death or resignation intra-term.

  • When a new president assumed office under these circumstances the inauguration is kept low key, and conducted without pomp or fanfare.

Oh well – as the old saying goes – shit happens! 😆

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