Some Crooked Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Sore Losers

Some Hillary Clinton Supporters “Crooked Hillary as labeled by Donald J Trump” are resorting to violence rioting, burning cars and American Flags. Though some are simply crying about Clinton’s loss to Trump.

Clinton Supporters Riot Burning Car
After Hillary Clinton conceded loosing the 45th presidential election to Donald J Trump supporters burn car, make death threats

We can assure you if Donald J Trump would have lost the presidential election, his supporters would not be behaving that way.

These Hillary Clinton supporters were crying as the truth sunk in.

It’s sad to see people behaving this way on social media.

Just my two cents worth as usual! 😉

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4 Thoughts to “Some Crooked Hillary Clinton Supporters Are Sore Losers”

  1. Anonymous

    Now Clinton lemmings, grab your comfort dogs, your safety pins, and start looking for real work like the rest of us!

  2. Maria Santiago

    It’s one thing to protest, but gangs destruction of property and blocking traffic is rioting.

    Why is Barack Obama not doing anything? He should call in the national guard to restore the peace.

    Maybe Obama and Clinton are conspiring against Trump. Is Soros funding the protesters hoping Trump will step down.

  3. Joshua Bowen

    Hillary Clinton sold young Americans a bill of goods. She is good at making false promises.

    What is important now is everyone needs to unite together towards the goal of making America great again.

    Please do not be manipulated into spreading hate towards your fellow man.

  4. Anonymous

    Those people are brain washed

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