WP Fastest Cache Premium Plugin Best Under CloudFlare

We have been running this website under WP Fastest Cache for several months with exceptional results, so we decided to opt for WP Fastest Cache Premium.

WP Fastest Cache Premium speed increase is fantastic, even when testing using Google page speed insights.

WP Fastest Cache Premium Google Page Speed Insight
Google page speed insights screen capture showing good “90” speed result under WP Fastest Cache Premium

Google page speed insights has been described as too strict for WordPress websites, thus results in the “green are not achievable” but we proved the nay sayers wrong with this test.

The best we did with WP Fastest Cache free version was 74 tested with Google page speed insights. This is a mega huge speed increase.

Also we are running under CloudFlare free plan that provides our https transport layer security, and other features. We utilize CloudFlare Rocket Loader to further enhance our sites performance.

Rocket loader optimizes css and JavaScript that is loading WP Fastest Cache minification files doubling the speed enhancement.

Wp Fastest Cache Premium JavaScript Minification
This screenshot shows wp fastest cache premium further optimized by CloudFlare rocket loader

This is an unbeatable combination, CloudFlare Rocket Loader and WP Fastest Cache Premium Edition. WPFC Premium is well worth it’s $39.00 investment, in our personal opinion.

As a word of caution, we suggest passing on WP Rocket cache plugin. We tried it and it was not as described, and we went through hell jumping through hoops getting a refund.

As usual – just my two cents worth! 😉

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