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Anthony Weiner Make Deal With FBI Chief James Comey

Anthony Weiner could have made a deal with the FBI and rolled over on his estranged wife Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton. It’s too convenient that the FBI found Hillary Clinton Emails on Abedin’s laptop computer.

James Comey Investigation Into Anthony Weiner

FBI chief James Comey announcing the reopening of Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation. Did Anthony Weiner make a deal with FBI?

Thinking that during Hillary’s Bleach Bit email server scrubbing process ALL devices used by Clinton and Abedin would have been scrubbed or destroyed. But all of a sudden this old laptop computer used by Huma Abedin surfaces?

It’s sounding more like Anthony Weiner is making a deal with the FBI to save his own ass. He knows his chances getting back with his wife are slim to none, and his marriage is totally over.

Weiner also knows he is facing a very long prison sentence, and being permanently branded as a sexual predator. Making a deal with FBI chief James Comey makes complete sense.

Who would have ever thought perverted Anthony Weiner’s Sexting a child would bring down a powerful presidential candidate like Hillary Clinton.

With only 11 days to election day, it’s too early to tell what actual damage this will do to her campaign. But we think Clinton’s Ship is as good as Sunk!

Doc produced this screen video yesterday as the FBI Clinton Email Investigation Reopening news sent a Richter 10 Shock Wave through social media!

America we just can not trust Hillary Clinton. She is nothing but Bad News one day after the other. God help America if she becomes our 45th President.

Elect Donald J Trump President on Nov8th to Make America GREAT Again!

As usual just my two cents worth! 😉

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  1. Jim

    Weiner probably already struck a deal with the FBI


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