Hillary Clinton Becoming President Will Start Nuclear World War 3

Hillary Clinton, will start Nuclear World War 3 if elected president. Blaming Russia for DNC and Podesta Hacks is a Nuclear Holocaust in the making.

Vote For Hillary Is Voting For Nuclear World War 3
If you love your country don’t let Hillary Clinton become president. She will start WW3 with Russia

A Vote For Hillary Clinton – Is A Vote For World War 3

Hillary Clinton, is George W. Bush 2.0. She is supported by a plethora of ‘Never Trumps’ who are ready to get back into power by launching new wars of aggression.

Except this time the enemy won’t be Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi or any other third world nation with a flimsy, virtually non-existent army.

The enemy will be Russia – a country with a 3 million man army and a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons.

A president this aggressive with a enemy like Russia will Kill America!

Hillary’s attitude is – I’m the boss – and you will do what i say or else! It’s like going up a lumberjack and kicking him in square the nuts. You know your dead as soon as he gets up. Same deal with Vladimir Putin. He will never put up with Clinton’s bullying.

Where Donald Trump will use his vast business knowledge to negotiate a deal that’s a win win for both America and Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Don’t waste your vote on Hillary Clinton. If your somehow yet undecided but are considering voting for Hillary, don’t vote early or by mail. Allegations of her wrongdoings are coming out daily. That’s why she is urging you to vote early!

Think about it like this, what’s more important for you and your family? A better economy, affordable health care, more jobs, lower taxes. Or thermonuclear war!

Hillary Clinton will Raise Taxes. Force ObamaCare on Americans ‘with drastic premium increases.’ Flood America with immigrants. And start world war 3.

Donald Trump will bring Positive Changes to America. He will lower taxes. Put a stop to corruption and abuse of power in Washington. Negotiate better trade deals with Mexico and China. Develop an excellent affordable health care program for all Americans. And much more.

The smart choice for president 2016 is clear – Donald J Trump!

Just my two cents worth as usual! 😉

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  1. Anonymous

    this all is stupid all of it im pissed at this all should stop.

  2. Barack Obama

    Your an idiot Trump is a dumb ass who is ruining the USA. Hilllary however would be a bad president. Yet Bernie Sanders would have been better.

  3. Anonymous


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