Clinton Campaign Wining & Dining Main Stream Media Reporters

At Least 65 Main Stream Media Reporters Were outed by Wikileaks Meeting, Coordinating, Conspiring with Top Hillary Clinton Campaign Advisors.

Main Stream Media Conspiring Hillary Clinton
65 Main Stream Media reporters were wined and dined by Clinton Campaign to report what Hillary told them.

The opposite of the old saying, buying a politician. In this circumstance the Politician IS buying the media and telling them what to report.

Main Stream Media Bought By Clinton Campaogn
Several leading liberal news media reporters in cahoots with Hillary Clinton

This is the absolute worst form of deception ever orchestrated on American citizens who depend on main stream media to tell the truth. Bought and paid for media spinning deception and outright lies.

The complete list of MSM Lie Spinners for Hillary are here on the Gateway Pundit.

It’s a crying shame what our country has became. We feel bad for those that are unconnected and dependent on the nightly news to get the truth. It’s not what is news, it’s the medias spin on what they are paid to tell us.

Just my two cents worth as usual! 😉

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One Thought to “Clinton Campaign Wining & Dining Main Stream Media Reporters”

  1. Anonymous

    I am so disappointed in the biased media coverage of the election campaighn this year. How they can look themselves in a mirror and call themselves journalists is beyond me. What happened to honesty and credibility and fairness? I have never heard such vileness coming out of their mouths. The American people saw the biased media for what they are…people who could have used their format for the good of the American people…who instead used their formats to force their personal beliefs and ideals down the throats of the American public. SO TRAGIC.

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