Why NBC News Today Show Ratings Are Down

NBC News Today Show is suffering from Down Ratings. Here’s Doc’s opinion why ratings are down, and a suggestion or two to fix it.

Today Show Ratings Down
Seems NBC Today Show is in a panic over recent down ratings. Doc, gives his opinion why.

First thing in the show Matt Lauer and Savanna Guthrie leap all over Donald J Trump. Hell bent on digging up anything they can use to trash him.  But they conveniently leave out anything negative about Hillary Clinton and her Clinton campaign.

NBC, it’s your own fault Today’s ratings are in the crapper!

Meanwhile, Julian Assange of Wikileaks just dumped another 2000 Podesta emails.

News should be just that, not liberal media news stories they want us to hear!

As usual just my two cent’s worth! 😉

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