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YouTube Heroes Program Censorship Running On Steroids

Someone at Google had a brain fart dreaming up this new YouTube Heroes program. In theory maybe it’s a decent idea, but YouTube’s Trolls are censoring video’s and video comments they don’t like.

The program is supposed to give anyone that uses YouTube the power to remove offensive video’s and video comments. Unfortunately bad individuals have become YouTube Heroes and are wreaking havoc on Trump fans uploading support videos.

One YouTube narrated screen video of ours was removed via privacy strike for saying the name Hillary Clinton.  No doubt flagged by one of Hillary’s YouTube Heroes!


YouTube has launched an Orwellian program for users to “moderate content.” For “YouTube Heroes,” volunteer contributors concerned about trollish or inappropriate content—or really anything they don’t like—can connect with other “heroes” to get “deplorable” videos shut down. The premise is that YouTube should be a place where everyone feels comfortable because “you deserve a place you call home.”

Really? Is YouTube a safe space comparable to hanging out in your bedroom with a bunch of friends, or is it supposed to be a place where ideas are freely shared, even those we find offensive? Evidently not the latter.

That’s right, folks. You can become a self-proclaimed “hero” by deleting comments you don’t like, adding captions or subtitles to videos, accessing a so-called “hero dashboard,” receiving more intensive “training” with other heroes, getting “super tools” like mass-flagging videos and connecting with the YouTube Overlords directly, and accessing “hero perks” and privileges like getting sneak peeks into new products and testing new features before release.

The more these online agents report undesirables, the more points they earn. After all, as the #YTHeroes tagline says, “All heroes deserve a little glory.”

Actually, People Don’t Like Speech Police

Sounds cool, right? Kinda reminds me of Hitler’s Youth program. It’s always a favorite tactic of totalitarians to enlist impressionable do-gooders—who are often really bitter malcontents who simply want revenge on their social, economic, or moral betters—to become deputies to the statist elites.

As usual just my two cents worth! 😉

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