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Walmart Largo Fire Video

Our local Largo Walmart caught fire 06/08/2016. Here are a few video clips taken with my smartphone. Also links to more information.

My lady friend was in the store shopping when she heard two explosions. The explosions were followed by an intercom message to evacuate the store. Firefighters got there quick and the blaze that apparently started in refrigeration units on the roof was quickly put out and nobody was injured, other than 2 firefighters that suffered heat exhaustion.

Update: Largo Walmart Supercenter located at 2677 Roosevelt Boulevard, Largo, FL 33760. (727) 431-5917. Is scheduled to reopen between July 05-10 2016. ­čśë

Walmart Largo Fire

Shot of the roof at Walmart Largo showing fire damage to the roof and refrigeration units.

This Walmart was built in 2014 and was so convenient being close by. It was reported somewhere the store would re-open sometime in July. Looking at the roof damage afterward does not look that bad. However it was reported all the food in the the coolers had to be thrown out. But count the fire sprinklers coming on and dousing the whole store inside with water had to ruin just about everything in the store. It was also reported Largo fire department used an air-boat to ventilate the store after the fire was put out.

More photos and videos here: Of all our local TV news stations that covered this Walmart fire, ABC 10 Action News had the best coverage including a reporter doing live video and interviews from the scene.

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  1. Sonoma Ray

    Read somewhere the refrigerant used contains butain. Explains the explosions and intense flames.

  2. FidoSysop

    Walmart Largo still not fully open 07/22/2016. No meat and most frozen foods are not available yet. Walmart Largo is telling shoppers the store should be fully open sometime in August 2016.

    Walmart Largo not fully open yet. Meat and most frozen foods not available. Store should be fully open sometime in August 2016.

  3. FidoSysop

    Largo Walmart damaged by fire is now open. Crews are putting the final touches on renovation work. Some areas of the store inside are not ready yet. Crews are using portable air conditioning units, new units are ready to be hoisted to the roof. See photos i snapped today.

    walmart largo reopened after fire

    walmart largo reopened after fire

    walmart largo reopened after fire

    walmart largo reopened after fire


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