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Weiner’s Weiner, The Anthony Weiner Sexting Documentary

We’ll soon get to see the Anthony Weiner documentary that promises an intimate, front-row seat to Weiner’s ill-fated NYC Mayoral campaign.

Anthony Weiner, who fell dramatically from grace thanks to his Sexting Shenanigans, tried his damnedest to mount a comeback via the 2013 New York City mayoral race. That blew up when news broke of still more sexting allegations.

The perfect opening line, spoken by Weiner, alone on camera: “Shiiiiitttttt.” Followed by, “This is the worst. I’m doing a documentary of my scandal.” And, “The punch line of me is true. I did those things, and I did a lot of other things.”

Weiner’s admission that the lies began at home. How much did Weiner tell Abedin during the first sexting scandal, when he was telling the press that he didn’t know who had tweeted that picture of his junk and that he couldn’t recognize his own underwear? “Do you mean, ‘Told her the truth,’ or ‘Told her something was going down’?” he clarifies before answering that it wasn’t like he was confessing to Abedin and deceiving the press. “I lied to her,” he says. “The primary person I was trying to protect was Huma.”

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