Marco Rubio Taking Adderall Drug During GOP Debate

Marco Rubio can clearly be seen popping something in his mouth and chewing it during CNN’s GOP Debate 02/25/16. Possibly Adderall, Oxycontin, Amphetamine, or other Methamphetamine?

He sure looks like he is hopped up on some form of speed during the peak moments of the debate. That explains the sweating and hyper-activity that was observed during the GOP debate.

The Young Turks cast discuss Rubio having an apparent Adderall Crash during the previous debate. Oh yea, we’re inclined to believe Rubio Crashed On Adderall – but popped another on stage to power up in the debate of 02/25/16! 😆

Rubio has been rumored to being connected to a Miami drug cartel. How Marco Rubio helped cocaine-dealing brother-in-law get a real estate licence after 12-year jail stint, with glowing reference on official stationery. 🙁

And on top of that, Marco Rubio’s Senate attendance record just plain sucks! 😆

We doubt Marco Rubio will ever beat Donald Trump to get the GOP nomination for president. But regardless we do not need an alleged drug addict having a chance of becoming president of the United States Of America!

Get out and Vote For a Winner – TRUMP For President 2016! 😉

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