Here’s Another Example How Donald Trump Loves America

With the CoronaVirus wreaking havoc on America, president Donald Trump proves once again how much he loves all of us. The postman handed me the below postcard from president Trump today ( advising how to protect ourselves from COVID-19 the CoronaVirus.

president Trump postcard coronavirus guidelines for america

This postcard was sent from the whitehouse and centers for disease control and prevention (CDC.) Tell me one Democrat that would have done this? It’s just yet another example of how president Donald Trump loves America. This Christmas Card is another example of Mr. Trump’s kindness.

president Trump postcard coronavirus guidelines for America back side

Though I’m old and not in the best of health, It’s comforting to know president Trump is looking after me! It’s imperative we pay attention to the CDC Advisories. Sad foolish spring breakers forced Clearwater beach closing. Lets pray to God they didn’t infect their parents or grandparents!

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