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Google Chrome Cleanup / Software Reporter Tool HIGH CPU

Google Chrome Cleanup / Software Reporter Tool “software_reporter_tool.exe” Was running multiple processes (12 to be exact) and pegging my CPU usage meter.

I found this out by bringing up my task manager and observed the multiple processes running. Killing one or more services just popped up more. The name in my process manager is “Chrome Cleanup Tool.”

chrome cleanup tool processes

Win7 Pro 64 Process Manager – 96 Processes 100% CPU Usage

The system fan was whirling like mad trying to cool my CPU down.

Thinking id be cute – i deleted that sucker.. Walla.. 😆

But wouldn’t you know.. chrome cleanup tool came right back. 🙄

chrome cleanup tool directory files

Files in Google Chrome SwReporter 4.30.1 Directory. Google re-installs after deleting directory.

Next i deleted it’s whole directory.. But Google just re-downloaded all the files and re-created the directory, and my cpu meter was pegged again..

Running Win 7 Pro 64 Bit.

Any suggestions? 😉

Update 09/15/2015: OK here’s a quick fix until Google fixes the running of multiple processes in their Chrome Cleanup Tool. Simply uncheck ‘protect you and your device from dangerous sites.’ a quick fix until Google makes an update.

How to disable chrome cleanup tool

Uncheck protect you and your device from harmful sites. This disables chrome cleanup tool.

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  1. Charles Fitch

    Just find out what registry entry it is and rename it for example if its “report” name it “reportnulled” so you know what it is.

  2. Mo Qy

    problem has disapeared on my side . a software update released by google ?

    1. FidoSysop

      Not here.. An update brought the problem back. This time i deleted the whole SwReporter directory with it’s subdirectory. So far so good..

  3. FidoSysopwatson55

    You may have to clear your browser cache in order to make this change effective (I did, anyway). Thanks!

    1. FidoSysop

      Thanks for your comment, FidoSysop. I run pro that cleans my cache etc after each browser session.


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