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My ass is still stinging from this Farce of an election the whole world has witnessed. Friends the left literally screwed Donald Trump out of a well deserved second term. We the people who supported and voted for President Donald Trump know we were swindled by cheating lying Democrats!

I had started a new blog in early 2020 that covered lots of the topic ‘Election 2020‘ but decided to merge that blog with this old one referred to as FidoSysop Archive. WordPress has vastly improved their clunky export / import utility. A couple of clicks and FidoSysop blog content was exported as an xml file. Another couple of clicks and that whole blog was easily migrated here. WordPress changed it’s permalink structure upon import. After it was imported a quick wp_posts database table url change finished the import. There really was no need to run two blogs any longer. If you are seeking a true SEO Social Media and WordPress expert contact me my advice is always free!

FidoSysop blog has migrated to FidoSysop archives

And what’s archived here will remain here as a tribute to the best president America ever had, Donald J. Trump! This domain does not attempt to make a profit. Nor does it ask for donations. It’s cost is roughly $60 per month, cheap for a guy like me to speak my opinion without fear of political bias censorship. Screw Facebook, my once popular FidoSysop page has been unpublished, and is entering the 14 day pre-deletion. And my Shadowbanned Twitter account has been deleted, Jack stick it up your ass! Barack Obama and his lackey VP Joe Biden are responsible for allowing big-tech to amass such great power over the people whose constitutional rights are being squashed!

Dan Bongino talks about this farce of an election. The United States Postal Service Supervisors BACK Dating Ballots received on the 4th and later. It’s FRAUD! Recount and Verify Every VOTE!

Obama’s Administration Actions were Absolutely Disgusting when they carried out a Coup Attempt Against the President and they need to be Prosecuted by a Military Tribunal to the fullest extent of the Law!!!!

America can not put up with gross manipulation of ballots and election fraud. Every mail in ballot must be scrutinized and any that signatures do not match thrown out. We’ve had (confirmed) dead people voting. Lock up those involved in voter fraud ~ and start with The US Postal Service! 🤬

If you wish to show your support for president Donald Trump, please add your comments to this blog post. It’s sincerely appreciated!

I'm a retired auto dealer (trust-me) and ASE cert tech. Hobbyist system operator (sysop) of doc's place computer bulletin board system online since 1991. Just hanging out in cyberspace blogging about politics and other topics, and keeping up with tech!

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