Keeping Up With Tech – FidoSysop NEW Blog Is Now Online

That old saying is quite true, keeping up with tech is imperative, otherwise being hopelessly lost in cyberspace is a fact. With that being said, this blog that went online in 2012 is being retired. Many changes to my WordPress blogging platform have left this dinosaur blog lost in cyberspace. It has been renamed FidoSysop Archive. Keeping it’s memories online! 🙂

fidosysop new blog
I’m keeping up with tech by rolling out a totally new fidosysop blog

Many memories remain here – but keeping up with tech required a fresh WordPress install. The biggest change in WordPress is it’s Gutenberg block editor. Gutenberg has been out a couple of years now but enabling it prevents editing prior posts. So to keep going when Gutenberg became the default editor required adding the classic (tinymce) JavaScript editor plugin. As with writing this post I’m in text mode adding the h-codes etc.

There is a learning curve to publishing using Gutenberg but it seems to be simpler. It’s a cinch to save a block to be reused later. But it’s so different. I’ll master it sooner or later. This article was blogged in Gutenberg yesterday about the CoronaVirus CVNID-19’s alleged escape from Wuhan’s bio-safety laboratory. This is a very strong possibility!

System operator (sysop) of doc's place computer bulletin board system online since 1991. I'm also a retired auto dealer turned internet guru helping dealers sell more cars with modern Internet technology. Hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech!

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