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Trump Rally Milwaukee WI 01/14/20 Instant HD Replay

President Trump held his second KAG2020 Rally last night in Milwaukee Wisconsin. As usual the arena was packed to an overflow crowd. Trump fans cheered loudly as our president spoke of the Solomani air strike. Our president’s full rally video is below for an instant replay.

“Four More Years!” Hundreds of Trump Supporters Line Up in Freezing Temps Hours Before Milwaukee Rally. They ain’t waiting in the cold for Senile Joe Biden. 😆

Meanwhile James O’keefe struck again with PV undercover video exposing Bernie Sanders.

Also while America was tuned in live watching this Trump KAG2020 Rally, Democrats held another boring debate. It was referred to as “the night of the living dead” as Dems lined up attacking president Trump, making themselves look like Idiots! 😆

trump rally milwaukee

President Trump held his second KAG2020 rally of 2020 in Milwaukee WI last night. Here’s an instant replay if you missed the excitement.

Lets make the Democratic Party of Hate and Destruction Extinct in 2020. Get out and Vote Republican straight ticket! View my other archived Trump Rallies here. 🙂

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