Trump Rally Toledo OH 01/09/20 Instant HD Replay

At last nights Trump Rally Toledo OH, our president proudly said Democrats would have leaked Soleimani attack plans. It’s a fact that democrats would have foiled our military’s plans to take out a really bad guy. Donald Trump loves America and this KAG2020 Rally proves it!

President Trump slammed House Democrats War Powers Resolution, which passed earlier in the day in a rebuke to the Soleimani strike. The president went on to say that Democrats, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, would have tipped off the media about the operation.

Separately, the president said he hoped former Vice President Joe Biden would become the Democrats presidential nominee, and pledged he would highlight what he called the Bidens’ corruption all throughout the campaign. Biden will hear, Where’s Hunter? at the podium. President Trump talking about Biden’s son, who largely has stayed out of public view after he held lucrative overseas board roles while his father was vice president.

trump rally toledo oh
Donald Trump loves America and this KAG2020 rally proves it. Lets make the Democratic Party Extinct in 2020 Vote Republican

America is sick of do nothing democrats trashing president Trump’s success turning our homeland around from near destruction. Lets make the DNC Extinct in 2020!

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