The Love Of My Life Has Left Me To Be With The Lord

As it’s often said – when your time is up – it’s up – and you leave this earth. My sweetheart Wan suffered a stroke Sunday and was rushed to the ER. A brain embolism put her in a coma. She was brain-dead and taken off a ventilator this morning. It was totally unexpected. 😥

She is a Christian from Thailand and U.S. Citizen. Republican AND a Trump Supporter!

Her loss came while she was in church. Paramedics got there quick but the damage was already done. A brain bleed from an Asian disease called MoyaMoya that is clotting of the main artery’s to the brain. New vessels grew to deliver the blood where it was needed.

From what the neurosurgeon told me, one of those vessels burst flooding the brain with blood. They tried inserting a tube to drain the blood but it soon clotted. The large volume of blood squeezed her brain causing it to die at only 63 years young. 😥

She has traveled the world. This photo was taken in Norway 2012. I’m feeling numb inside but trying to stay focused. She is the best most loving caring woman i ever met.

Wan’s trip to Italy in 2011

Wan in Las-Vegas 2014 after attending bible study camp

Our trip to Thailand at Grand Pointveiw Hotel Bangkok. Dec.2013

Our first date in 2008 on Clearwater Beach FL after meting on She is the 2nd love i have lost. My mind is drifting with thoughts of my wife who passed in early 2008.

Wan with her mom and 3 brothers taken in Bangkok Thailand in 2005

Undated photo of Wan ‘the business lady’ with her dog, mom, and unknown family friend.

Wan with her oldest brother at the alligator farm Bangkok TH 2013

Wan at the captains dinner during last months cruise to Cozumel

Not sure when this professional photo was taken but it captures her beauty so well!

Our last vacation together 11/2019 😥 cruise to Cozumel Mexico.

It was Wans goal to live in America and become a U.S. Citizen that she achieved in 2008. She loved America but was disappointed with political parties infighting. 🙁

God has called her home and has other plans for her.  I’m really torn up over her going to be with the lord, but she’s in peace now. This blog is also about my life, that’s why this post is here. Not planning on blogging many political articles for the time being. It’s time for healing and arrangements. If you can’t say something nice don’t bother commenting!

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