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Electronic Voting Machine Fraud Are Democrats Flipping Republican Votes

Electronic Voting Machine Fraud in Louisiana and Kentucky Election wins could have had help from someone manipulating the numbers. Wherever there are Electronic Voting Machines when Democrats are involved, the thought of FRAUD strongly comes to mind.

Yesterday Louisiana’s Eddie Rispone (R) loss by a very slim margin to John Bel Edwards (D) seems suspicious to me. The same goes for Kentucky’s Matt Bevin (R) very slim loss by 5,000 votes to Andy Beshear (D). Is the DNC cheating? And with Google’s help? 🙁

electronic voting machines

Easily flipped electronic ballot tabulating equipment is a threat to our democracy.

Searching the net for electronic voting machine fraud brings up a slew of recent articles. In one article a hacker demonstrates how easy it is to hack electronic voting machines.

From The Blaze 08/27/19: Allegations of touch-screen voting machines reportedly flipped votes in Mississippi race. Multiple voters who cast ballots in Mississippi’s Republican gubernatorial primary runoff on Tuesday have reported that touch-screen voting machines switched their selected votes.

Officials in two counties have confirmed the vote-flipping malfunction, and one candidate’s campaign says they’ve heard of instances occurring in several counties where machines automatically changed individuals’ intended selections.

Could Louisiana and Kentucky’s elections be a test run for the big one in 2020?

Anything connected to the internet is susceptible to hacking. We’ve seen Internet of things (IOT) cable boxes, webcams, etc, used to bring down a major internet backbone provider. Internet connected smart locks. ANYTHING connected to the net is a target for hackers.

It’s said all of Hillary Clinton’s emails are stored in the Utah bumble-hive. Though James Clapper or John Brennan probably deleted them by now. After Edward Snowden exposed the CIA’s Spying on Americans it’s rumored that Facebook took on the task.

Then theirs Google who despite pushing Millions of votes to Hillary Clinton in 2016 lost. But what’s Google up to now? Another thought is the NSA spy cloud that the whole Internet is run through. Votes may come in Republican and come out flipped to Democrat.

Here’s an interesting article from Wired where a person was able to buy used voting machines on eBay. The data had not been wiped from the machines hard-drives. The units were from the 2016 presidential election, and were an updated version. These electronic voting machines were running Windows CE and had USB PORTS! It was easy to get-into the system and run a printout of who last used these electronic voting machines in 2016.

As voters we don’t have any other option but to use whatever our state provides to cast our votes. Thankfully my state (Florida) still uses a paper ballot that’s filled in by pencil. Next we insert it into an optical scanner that’s NOT connected to the Internet. In 2016 i snapped a quick photo of my completed ballot when nobody was looking. 😉

Florida Ballot Vote For Donald J Trump

I did my part to make America great again by early Florida voting for Donald J Trump our 45th President

Here is a handy list per State what type of voting machines are used.

The following types of voting equipment are in use in the United States. Each state’s type of voting machine as well as clickable state voter registration rules etc is listed here courtesy of ballotpedia:

  • Optical Scan Paper Ballot Systems: Voters mark their votes by filling in an oval, box, or similar shape on a paper ballot. Later, the paper ballots are scanned either at the polling place or at a central location.
  • Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) Systems: DRE systems employ computers that record votes directly into the computers’ memory. These interfaces may incorporate touchscreens, dials, or mechanical buttons. The voter’s choices are stored by the computer on a cartridge or hard drive. Some DRE systems are also equipped with a printer, which the voter may use to confirm his or her choices before committing them to the computer’s memory. The paper records can be preserved to be tabulated in case of an audit or recount.
  • Ballot Marking Devices and Systems: These systems are designed to help disabled voters who might be unable to vote using other methods. Most devices utilize a touchscreen along with audio or other accessibility features. Rather than recording the vote into the computer’s memory, the ballot is instead marked on paper and later tabulated manually.
  • Punch Card Voting Systems: These devices employ a paper card and a small clipboard device. A voter punches holes in the card to mark his or her vote. The pattern of holes in the card indicates the votes cast. The ballot may then be placed in a box to be tabulated manually or scanned by a computer later.

All we can do as president Trump supporters is keep a positive attitude. We can’t let the haters and their propaganda media partners get to us. I believe election day 2020 will be our finest moment. Just keep smiling and tell everyone you meet to Vote Republican!

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  1. john parke

    In Mass we have paper ballots.I go in and give my address ,then name and get ballot.I fill it out,bring it to the checkout,give my address,then name and insert ballot into machine.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Hi John, in Mass that’s all they require? No drivers license or ID?

  2. Gary Yaeger

    Only paper ballots should be used, everywhere in the USA.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Yes i agree. Electronic tabulation is not trustworthy!

  3. Jo Whipple

    I live in Virginia and where I live we use paper ballots and that needs to be for every state!

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      I agree!

  4. Karen dunne

    Why dont all states follow my state of Florida in their voting procedures!? WHY NOT! if its the only way to be able to verify every vote then it’s just totally logical to use this foolproof process!!

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Hi Karen, fellow Floridian. I’m an original Floridian called crackers.

      States know if they go electronic it’s easy to cheat. We see it posted here and there after every election people complaining about votes either being changed or dropped.

      This is a priority president Trump should be all over with 2020 election coming.

  5. Rightsright

    All should be controlled by federal requirements. A paper ballot filled in and the paper backup is the only way we are assured of a fraud free election. If the recount option is necessary. It is beyond ridiculous that anyone could vote w/o being pre-registered or allowed to vote w/o legitimate picture ID. Not a smidgen of truth in that poor people do not have picture ID’s and it cost Republicans greatly to let Obama & Holder pull that fast one.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      I agree. Florida is pretty strict verifying voters are who they say they are. My drivers license is swiped along with visually verifying my voter id card. Florida now requires real id (birth cert and utility bill) to match the name and address. It’s the same with state issued identification card.

      I’m glad we still have paper ballots. Their a good backup if a hand recount is ordered.

      Keep America Great in 2020 vote Republican straight ticket. A few Rinos are better than Democrats!


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