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Kerry Biden Slush Fund? Is This What Adam Schiff Is Protecting?

Kerry Biden Slush Fund allegations suggest major Democratic Wrongdoings. Leaked documents from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office indicate complex money transfers from foreign sources into the control of a “slush fund.” This slush fund is said to be owned and operated by Devon Archer, John Kerry Senior, John Kerry Junior, Heinz Jr, and Hunter Biden.

kerry biden slush fund

Allegations of this John Kerry Hunter Biden and associates slush fund that allegedly laundered money through Burisma holdings

A large cache of confidential foreign documents have just been leaked implicating Joe Biden, George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Joseph Misfud’s collusion and possible criminal activity in Ukraine. Download and start digging!

Furthermore, it has been determined that after significant payments were made to the firm partly owned by Hunter Biden, Joe Biden while the Vice President operated in an official capacity to change US Foreign Policy to help enrich and protect his son, Hunter Biden.

It’s pointing toward the Obama admin corruption. From this David Duke 2015 article. The Obama administration is “involved in criminal activities” in Ukraine and facilitated last year’s “coup d’état” in Kiev, a former US Senate candidate says.

They did so in conjunction with neo-Nazi elements in Kiev, they did so at the behest of Israel and the European central banks and the International Monetary Fund (IMF),” said Mark Dankof, who is also a broadcaster and pastor in San Antonio, Texas.

And of course this whole situation in Ukraine permitted the United States to continue the encirclement policy of Russia that has been going on since the end of the Cold War.

This Kerry Biden slush fund is just another allegation that should be investigated. The BULLSHIT going on pinning the donkey on Donald Trump is nothing but Democratic Crap.

Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and their comrades are running a coverup scheme while trying to take down our duly elected president Donald J. Trump! 😡 😡 😡

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  1. Anonymous

    The Head of this long tail snake is Obamba !!!

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      It’s fixing to catch-up to them!

  2. marvin fricke

    No wonder they are after President Trump. Would like to see them all go to jail and lose everything they have.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Heard president Trump met with AG Barr yesterday before leaving the White House for last night’s rally. Hopefully the report AND criminal referrals is released soon! KAG2020 🇺🇸

      1. otto

        I jus tHOPE the the lies are starting to come unraveled.

        1. FidoSysop (Post author)

          I believe the crap is about to hit the fan. This is breaking tonight

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