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Ilhan Omar In Damage Control After Nicholas Haros 9/11 Memorial Outing

Ilhan Omar sheds Fake Crocodile Tears after being outed at yesterdays 9/11 Memorial by Nicholas Haros Jr. Haros told Omar and the Squad exactly who those ‘some people that did something’ were taking the life of his mother and nearly 3,000 other people 18 years ago.

Ilhan Omar, IS a Terrorist Sympathizer back-stabbing America she hates in Congress! 😥

nyp 9/11 headline

The New York Post slams lhan Omar who said 9/11 was a day when “some people did something.” front page headline.

Omar hastily went into damage control mode twisting what she said around sympathizing those who died 18 years ago. It’s nothing more than election related damage control!

Ilhan Omar infamously said 9/11 was a day when “some people did something.” After the blistering PR backlash by Nicolas Haros, she’s changing her tune.

From Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) acknowledged on the 18th anniversary of 9/11 that the tragic day was an “attack on all of us,” marking a drastically different tone than the “some people did something” remarks she made at a Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) fundraiser earlier this year, after being outed by Nicholas Haros.

Personally my thoughts are, kick her sorry ass out of Congress. Rep. Ilhan Omar does not represent Americas best interests. Never forget 9/11 and Omar’s a terrorist sympathizer!

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