PolitiChatter Social Media Alternative Worth Checking Out

PolitiChatter is the newest social media alternative. It has Facebook and Twitter similarities with lots of features. Launched in February 2019, politichatter is the newest no-bias alternative!

Theirs lots of competition with Facebook and Twitter suspending and shardowbanning conservatives and Trump supporters. I’ve evaluated both Parler and GAB sites, but like politichatter the best. And have already set up my FidoSysop profile.

PolitiChatter’s mobile apps are under development, and may face censorship by big tech. But as they point out below an app is not really needed. This website is an excellent responsive design that works excellent on my Google Pixel 3, with Firefox browser.

Everyone is asking us for an App for their phones & tablets and we have a solution to address that. All an App is , is a shortcut to a website. If you read the info meme below you will be up & running. And neither google play or apple will get your personal info!

politichatter responsive design
Read this meme you will be up & running and neither google play or apple will get your personal info

Personally I prefer Mozilla Firefox Android over Google Chrome. Chrome, whether on your desktop PC or mobile device, is spyware. Big brother is watching everything we do online.

Theirs a war going on in social media today. Big Tech Oligarchs are planning on deciding who will be Americas president in 2020. Don’t give them any of your data!

Check out PolitiChatter.com and let me know your thoughts! 😉

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