Gatekeepers Of The Internet Are Google Facebook & Twitter

The Internet Gatekeepers control our message in cyberspace. We are allowed to co-exist with them (Google Facebook and Twitter) as long as we follow their rules. Some of these rules appear to be made up on the fly to punish conservatives and Donald J. Trump supporters. So we MAGA Team Trump Troopers plug along trying to stay alive! 😆

Watch this controversial shared post comments disappear under my nose. This particular article was shared with Facebook’s pages app last night, and once posted kept disappearing. It’s comments when visible also disappeared. Looks like someone was trying to prevent Jeffery Epstein’s alleged death and related shared articles from spreading.

Of course that’s the way gatekeepers control the masses. News about Jeffery Epstein’s ALLEGED Suicide (I still believe his death was staged) will still make the rounds despite gatekeeper censorship. Something stinks to high heaven with this whole deal.

No autopsy or photos of his jail cell or body. You can bet your ASS this is a gatekeeper coverup. Epstein is most likely in Witness Protection, as the feds build their cases! 😉

I'm a retired auto dealer (trust-me) and ASE cert technician. Hobbyist Fidonet BBS system operator (sysop) of doc's place computer bulletin board system online since 1991. Webmaster and maga blogger sick of being bitch slapped by Facebook and Twatter. What I post is factually true, and is my personal opinion on the subject!

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