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Jeffery Epstein Suicide? Or Witness Protection Hidden

Did Jeffery Epstein really commit suicide? Or another name added to the Clinton hit-list? Or did the Feds stage Epstein’s death, putting him in a safe place as they build cases against high profile names unsealed the previous day? This stinks like a bordello at low tide!

This playlist has many drone captured videos of Jeffery Epstein’s private island known as Little St James located in the USVI, nicknamed Pedophile Island. Credit Rusty Shackleford channel.

One thing is for sure. Jeffery Epstein’s black book would make the Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss black book look like a bible in comparison. It’s Sunday and social media is regurgitating old news about Jeffery Epstenin’s alleged suicide. Tomorrow the legal wheels will slowly start turning, and hopefully we’ll learn something new. Dirty money buys friends in dark places, so the Truth may never be known!

My bets on Witness Protection burying Epstein’s Identity keeping him safe as they build cases on those folks named in Friday’s unsealing. Maybe Bill Clinton (bubba) will be charged 😆

More Jeffery Epstein Little St James Pedophile Island USVI drone footage HERE on the Rusty Shackleford YouTube channel. What a life he lived – maybe still does!

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