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President Trump’s 4th July Full Fireworks Show 2019

Were you disappointed by Mainstream Television Media who aired Macy’s 4th July Fireworks instead if President Trump’s fireworks? FidoSysop has Donald Trump’s FULL 4th July fireworks show here in our extended size HD player!

Even FOX News dropped the ball. Yesterday morning on Fox and Friends it was said President Trump’s holiday fireworks would be on the Hannity Show, but all there was were Hannity Reruns. Yesterday’s Parade and President Trump speech is here.

Video from PBS YouTube channel of Trump Independence Day Fireworks Celebration.

Click the timeline to advance to the Fireworks at 1:10:00 🙂

This July 4th, America’s national Independence Day celebration kicks off our country’s 243rd birthday hosted by John Stamos and featuring an all-star lineup including Carole King and the Broadway cast of Beautiful starring Vanessa Carlton, Sesame Street, Gone West featuring Colbie Caillat, Lindsey Stirling, Keala Settle, Vanessa Williams, Lee Brice, The O’Jays, Yolanda Adams, Laine Hardy, Angelica Hale, Laura Osnes, Maelyn Jarmon and maestro Jack Everly leading the National Symphony Orchestra!

Trump 4th Fireworks 2019

Missed president Trump’s independence day fireworks because of msm politics? Watch Trumps fireworks replay in full hd video here

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