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Sperm Donor Hunter Biden Knocks Up Lover Gets Sued

Never know what dirty laundry will float to the surface on the left. This week it’s Hunter Biden’s playboy sexcapades making the headlines in cyberspace. This guy must have daddy creepy uncle Joe frowning. Naturally the Democrat candidates are using it against him.

hunter biden sperm donor

Playboy Hunter Biden impregnates his lover Lunden Roberts, while sleeping with his deceased brothers wife Hallie Biden

From Lunden Alexis Roberts, 28, filed the suit in an Arkansas court on May 28, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Roberts is petitioning to compel Hunter Biden, 49, to claim the child as its father and provide healthcare and other financial support. Last month, the former vice president’s son married his second wife, Melissa Cohen, 32.

Then there’s the Ukraine scandal that will surly sink Creepy Uncle Joe’s campaign. From Biden’s son took millions of dollars out of the Ukraine and over a billion dollars out of China while Joe Biden is vice president, was really directing the relief for Ukraine, the loan guarantees, well over a billion dollars of loan guarantees,” Giuliani said.

His son then got under investigation for good reason. He was working for the most corrupt company in Ukraine, he was working for a Ukrainian oligarch who was being protected by Russian President Vladimir Putin, that we that have been hearing about all this time.

Guess we’ll have to sit back and watch the Democrats sink each other, got Popcorn?

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