Is eBay Inc On The Antitrust Chopping Block

With the Department of Justice opening an antitrust investigation into Google, and the FTC probing Facebook, I have to wonder if eBay Inc be next on the antitrust chopping block? eBay has been screwing consumers for well over a decade with no repercussion. We’ve got a New Sheriff in town whose not putting up with big tech corruption! 😉

Antitrust eBay
There’s a NEW Sheriff in town that’s not putting up with big tech cyber-crime

I started my career on eBay in 1999 offering quality Florida retiree used car trade-ins to the eBay community. Life online was good in the beginning, but in the mid 2000’s scammers were pillaging the community selling non existent cars. So many trusting buyers lost serious money to eBay car scams, yet the company mostly denied it.

As time went by the fraud chipped away at founder Pierre Omidyar’s community trust and values. Meg Whitman stepped down and appointed John Donahoe as CEO. Donahoe hated the flea-market image eBay sellers and buyers built and turned the marketplace on it’s head trying to compete with Amazon, which was a huge flop. Trying to keep investors pleased eBay devised a way to keep sellers final value fee on returns. Bad buyers stole sellers items with eBay’s good blessings.

This seller lost a $1200 embroidery machine to eBay buyer fraud.

Donahoe was replaced with Devin Wenig, another talking head that further put the screws to loyal eBay sellers. Bean counters studied numbers and decided how to prop up the companies bottom line. It was soon decided a 4% penalty plus sellers forfeiting their final value fee would be assessed to mediated buyer return claims.

I founded vehicle specific consumer fraud awareness website in 2004 that has saved countless consumers from losing their money to used car phishing scams. Unfortunately for me eBay could have cared less if a shopper got hosed on their venue, all that mattered was collecting their sellers fees.

EBMS was hacked more times than i can remember. When hacking no longer worked they initiated a smear campaign to convince me to take the site offline. Here we are in 2019 and ebms is still online 15 years later. And their still smearing my reputation using YouTube doxing my former sellers id docsqualitycars. In reality I wear that smear campaign like a badge of honor. eBay Inc has spent MILLIONS over the years trying to silence the good Internet used car doctor who is still going strong in 2019!

An old used car dealer i once knew “Honest Frank” opened up a car lot called Family Motors. When asked why he named it that he replied, ‘because you get screwed here just like at home’. eBay Inc you get screwed here just like at home too! 😆

Hopefully president Trump takes a huge bite out of eBay Inc’s butt. Here a video i produced laying out my experiences with eBay corp and their smear campaign!

Gotta love OUR NEW Sheriff – President Donald J. Trump cleaning up America after decades of Democrat Corruption! Can’t wait for the Barr Declassifications!

I'm a retired auto dealer (trust-me) and ASE cert technician. Hobbyist Fidonet BBS system operator (sysop) of doc's place computer bulletin board system, online since 1991. Webmaster and maga blogger sick of being bitch slapped by Facebook and Twitter. What I blog is credible, and is my personal opinion on the subject!

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