Parler News Social Media Free Speech Network Review

Parler is the NEW Social Media Network that Promises NO Censorship. Parler is set up like Twitter and has been referred to as a Twitter clone. They offer both Android and iPhone apps that makes sharing a cinch. With the bias-censorship toward conservatives and Trump supporters, Parler is rapidly growing as word of it’s existence spreads. 🙂

Update 05/28/20: Yesterday after president Trump was fact checked on Twitter by CNN, there was a lot of talk urging Trump to move to Parler. Naturally I chimed in saying “It will not handle the traffic” and posted a link to this review. Last night I decided to give the site another try. I haven’t logged in since last year, and downloaded the iPhone app. To my surprise Parler performed like a fine tuned Ferrari at Le Mons. Every link i shared scraped like it should.

However when logging in via desktop I was challenged and then was required to sms verify my account. Okay, thought It was a one time thing since my IP had changed since last logging in the previous year. After logging out and trying to re-log in was hit with that same old clunky captcha. Parler then again sent an sms verification code to my iPhone. So that’s still an issue for me. Also from what i could see it’s still not possible to change my email address. Parler is still not taking advantage of CloudFlare and is still pushing all the sites content out of a single AWS node in Seattle.

It should also be noted, any site that uses an App could be the weak link. When Google and Apple are allowed to dictate who’s apps are allowed on their platforms It’s a problem. For instance, say president Trump was to post his updates to Parler, and Apple and Google pull their apps for some “terms of service violation” Parler’s nutz would be chopped off!

Update 09/09/19: Parler is still hanging in there, but most problems mentioned below still exist. As part of my privacy and tracking cleanup of my smartphone, I ditched Gmail for a specific email address. Unfortunately for me after chainging my email address on my other social networks, I found Parler does not offer a change email option, nor do they have a contact support option.

On another recently launched social media network PolitiChatter, they have a public group called Parler Refugees. Same talk about urls not being scraped to embed external content. And even more alarming, talk about security issues. I’m impressed with PolitiChatter!

Update 07/15/19: Parler could be better, maybe it’s time to ax the dev team? 💡

Update 06/26/19: Big Tech Tyranny continues stifling the competition! Apple INC is threatening Parler to either remove certain content or their app will be removed from the app store. This is absolute BIG TECH BULLSHIT! It’s what Apple did to Gab and InfoWars. 😡

I suggest making your apps available for website download. Use an Indexable public page seo enhanced to target people looking to download the Parler apps. Most smartphone users are familiar with installing 3rd party apps. Include instructions for those who need installation help.

Update 06/22/19: Seems Parler is just what it is. I was hoping it had what it took to compete with Twitter, but as it is now, theirs no way that will happen anytime soon. They’re still pushing all site content out of a single AWS node in Seattle. Resource usage warnings have somewhat subsided but there’s still problems embedding links that should be scraped and the content embedded.

Noticing this mostly with the Android app. Often deleting and re-adding the post a second or third time works. It’s a sign of insufficient system resources, or a php time-to-live set too short.

parler review link embed
Adding this post link to Parler the url was not scraped thus not embedding it’s content.

Update 06/15/19: According to a knowledgeable source there are problems with mass registration of Arabs. It has been said, verified by Reuters, in a single day some 230,000 Arab registrations were made on Parler. My source claims to be receiving post comments in Arabic that when translated are nasty and even threatening. It’s been said another high profile verified member who was booted off Twitter has received death threats.

On my posts the rush of new verified (real person members) echoing and voting up posts has slowed to a crawl. The greatest majority now are by Arabs and unverified accounts with either none or generic avatars. I was following everyone that followed me or echoed / up-voted posts, but now only follow real person members.

My brand account was registered on Twitter in 2013 and has amassed a whopping 311 followers. In the few weeks on Parler, I’ve gained 742 followers. I’m not an influencer so my posts don’t get much attention. Looking at my profile what i have shared gets little response, virtually no response on Twitter, but Facebook seems to work best for me.

Considering what happened to Gab the other Twitter alternative, I’m smelling a rat in the woodpile! 😡 It’s possible we could be witnessing a targeted attack by big tech attempting to intimidate Parler’s members into leaving. It’s politics on the left that are controlling the message on major social media sites, and this site is definitely smashing the big boys toes.

As mentioned below, Parler’s user agreement states it’s for members living in America only. The site content is still being pushed out of a single AWS node in Seattle. IF it were DNS hosted by CloudFlare problem countries could be blocked, including TOR and other proxies, even on the free plan, which would be a better solution than what they have now. I’m just an old used car dealer (trust-me) and net hobbyist. But I’m good at what i do on the net. 🙂

Update 06/12/19: After sharing a post i blogged about creepy uncle Joe Biden , a post titled ‘whats up with all the Saudis’ was observed. Another brought up an interesting point. In the Parler user agreement, section 2.3 states, ‘You live in the United States of America and will only use the Services while living in the Unites States of America’. Who reads TOS agreements?

Meanwhile I’m still observing ‘high network usage’ at times, and the site content appears to be pushed out of a single Amazon Web Services (AWS) node in Seattle, WA. It’s been my experience there are lots of bad actors hiding behind AWS IP’s. I’ve blocked several AWS Autonomous System Name (ASN) ranges due to content scrapers and abusive bots. If it were up to me, I’d be using CloudFlare for it’s CDN and Firewall as mentioned below. 🙄

Update 06/10/19: Last night (Sunday) apparently the site went down, or had an android app failure. Was displaying high network volume. Judging from the social sites huge success, especially during peak time, indicates more horsepower (cpu & memory) is needed.

Parler is putting a hurt on Twitter with the MAGA team flocking to it. Also understand, this is a site under high demand and there will be moments visitors may experience glitches, please keep trying! Just now the android app is unresponsive, but via desktop i was able to log in, but search is not loading right sidebar contents. Admins will get these bugs whacked soon! 🙂

Another helpful tidbit from the good Internet Doctor. To kick Parler into high gear, I suggest dns hosting by CloudFlare for their content delivery network (cdn.) Resource usage will drastically decrease, as speed increases. CloudFlare security & caching cant be beat!

Update 06/09/19: Parler Android app has been updated adding new features.

  • Added Follow button to notification’s and user’s list, for easier following.
  • Easier navigation from comments to the parent content.
  • 2FA security settings options are now enabled.
  • Improved comment display handling.
  • Stability improvements.

Update 06/08/19: I’ve been using Parler for about a week and so far are pleased with the new social media site, however these thoughts came to mind:

When using my Windows PC logging in has became a challenge. The site has added captcha to the login mechanism. It’s clunky and nearly impossible to read requiring multiple challenges to log in. If captcha is necessary why not use Re-captcha instead?

Why is Parler a closed social media website? It’s impossible to link to my profile page without signing in? Linking sites together built the web. Allowing the public to view the sites basic content without registering or logging in would be a good idea from a webmaster prospective. Then there’s the seo benefit of back-links, even if they are http no-follow status.

Recently when browsing Twitter i came across a tweet where Parler was being discussed. From the topic many Twitter members had already signed up as new members, so I signed up and have been a Parler member for several days.

Parler was founded in 2018 and based in Nevada. Inspiration for the name came from the French verb that means ‘to speak’. After being exhausted with a lack of transparency in big tech, ideological censorship and privacy abuse, our co-founders John and Jared decided to create an alternative solution.

Our goal is to supply the infrastructure for the next generation of social media where content creators are supported for participating. Parler aims to empower users to control their social experience. Users can be responsible to engage content as they see fit.

One of Parler’s features is the ability to verify your identity proving your a real person, (red icon). The social network offers branding identification for known influincers, (yellow icon) and another for publishers (blue icon.)

I did the ID verification which requires a photo of your drivers license (both sides), and a selfie done with the Parler smartphone app. The ID snaps went OK but the selfie had problems getting my mug in-between the black brackets, cutting off my mouth. After several tries it finally accepted my mugshot. Within 6 hours my verification badge was showing. An example is visible in the screenshot above.

There is also another social media website called GAB. I registered my brand account, but don’t think it’s taking off. From what i can tell gab does not offer an app, couldn’t find one in the Android play store. I suggest registering your brand, if anything to prevent an imposter from doing so. Not having an app is the kiss of social media death these days! 😥

While your here, If you’ve experienced bias social media censorship, head over to President Trump’s Tech Bias Reporting Tool. There you can report your negative experiences. Donald Trump is not putting up with big bully tech. The DOJ is opening an Antitrust investigation into Google abuse of power.

Give Parler social media alternative a try and let me know your thoughts below! 😉

System operator (sysop) of doc's place computer bulletin board system online since 1991. I'm also a retired auto dealer turned internet guru helping dealers sell more cars with modern Internet technology. Hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech!

19 Thoughts to “Parler News Social Media Free Speech Network Review”

  1. Kathy Brock

    I enjoy the app and have a good experience with it. No drama like facebook, only whats really happening in the world we can’t find in the media, twitter, or facebook. Enjoy!

    1. FidoSysop

      App works well on my iPhone. Don’t know about Android dumped my Google spyware last year.

  2. Steve Ford

    Mmmmmm….the comments allude Parler to be a Google in disguise. Just more red tape to deal with it seems. I was headed in that direction to sign up but got locked into a “merry-go-round” thingey entering the pass code….oh its invalid….request another one….enter the passcode…oops…yet another invalid passcode. Seems these guys cannot get it right…..I’l just wait till something else comes along now…… Sorry Parler designers….need to go back to coding school…!!!

    1. FidoSysop

      Thanks Steve for your comment. Parler is working exceptionally well on my iPhone. Used a Google Android spyware device last year and that app sucked. Have no idea if it’s been improved. Don’t even bother trying to login with my windows pc. It’s just what it is in my personal opinion 😎

      1. Anonymous

        What is the situation with Parler verifying overseas accounts? I’ve seen a couple of Australian accounts able to be verified, however I have had no such luck. What is the process so that I can successfully verify my account?

        1. FidoSysop

          Sorry but i have no idea

  3. Benjamin Stetzel

    I see that parler may possibly want your ssn. That’s when I decided to not use their platform

    1. FidoSysop

      I quit using parler. Every-time i log in they wanted sms verification. They already have a scan of my drivers license. Whoever their it person is don’t have a clue. Still pushing everything out of a single aws node instead of using cloudflare etc.

      1. Steve Ford

        Yup….Fido…….these things can take up much time just logging in. Many times I have to do it 3 times to get it right. We should be able to enter our email, a password, and a secret number only we will know about. Not going thru this Capcha thing or waiting for a log in code to arrive. Many times I will wait up to 10 minutes for a code to arrive. These whippersnapper smart asses that design these sites need to go back to logic school…

        1. FidoSysop

          Parler is running out of processes tonight. Can’t save comments. Their pushing everything out of a single aws node in Seattle. That’s total insanity. Could be using a FREE cloudflare act taking advantage of it’s global cdn and caching serving most static scripts images etc from cache saving server resources. As the old saying goes, ya can lead a horse to water but ya can’t make it drink! 🤣

  4. Tracy

    Hello, I signed up on GAB and then they got in all that trouble. I just signed up to Parler before I saw your post. I find it very slow so far. If you aren’t going to GAB or Parler, what do you think is a viable alternative? I think it would be great if we had one, and if Potus signed up on a new one, twitter would be a ghost town. Thanks

    1. FidoSysop

      Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment. GAB is doing fine now. Parler is difficult to sign into with their clunky captcha, and still has trouble scraping external links to be embedded. There is also which is programmed well and works great. I share my blog posts over there but rarely get a response or referral link back. President Trump is working on his own social network and app that should be available early next year.

  5. Ron

    Avoid Parler. Its a disgraceful scam site. Any site that offers a blank page with nothing to do but signup and then a second page for more signup information like your full name should be avoided. Anyone stupid enough to start out like this should be avoided. Its a pathetic design and a poorly though out platform. If you must signup just to see what its like then use a fake name and a fake disposable address.

    1. Unfortunately I supplied Parler with a scanned copy of my photo ID. The concept is not a bad idea, in my humble opinion, but the platform still sucks. It still throws up errors and scraped content is often not embedded. I no longer use Parler. When i did what i shared showed little to no views or shares. President Trump would NEVER share an announcements to Parler!

  6. Gab is just fine, the problem is you haven’t been keeping up or asked questions as to why Apple or Google does not have a Gab app. The answer? They got de platformed by those two tech giants but it doesn’t stop there. MasterCard and several banks have also engaged in de platforming Gab by means of allowing financial support for Gab in order to grow, and Gab has has to deal with web hosting sites as well. Andrew Torbes has fought and found a online tech company that would give Gab the hosting support and a bitcoin service to bring in revenue in order to grow. Gab is a far superior platform to Parler and will eventually become the next Twitter. Pay close attention this summer as Gab will be making some huge announcements!

    1. FidoSysop

      Sorry but i didn’t see a download GAB app link from the site itself. Yes de-platforming is a serious problem. Big tech has a monopoly influencing other players, and your right about that. I’ve gained a ton of followers on Parler, but it’s a clunky platform. Support does not return emails, and i get the impression they feel it’s their way or the highway. I have to give GAB credit for running under CloudFlare. Something Parler might not realize would benefit them greatly.

      gab under cloudflare

      I’m just a hobbyist webmaster but are damn good at what i do 😎

    2. FidoSysop

      ICUEverywhere, please provide a download link for Gab’s mobile app. I’m an using an Android device and can side-load it if necessary. Just because Apple and Google has banned the Gab app, it can still be provided by the site. I’m anxious to try the Gab mobile app out. 🙂

    1. FidoSysop

      Go to follow the registration link. Or download the Parler app from the app store.

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