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Nancy Pelosi Drunk Video Fact or MSM Fake News?

So is the Nancy Pelosi appearing Drunk slurring her speech video real or an MSM Coverup? We all know the MSM hates President Trump and was part of the Democrats RUSSIA Hoax claims the Nancy Pelosi Drunk video is fake news. Who are they to talk?

What are your thoughts – MSM Fake News or Nancy Pelosi Drunk? Main Stream Media (MSM) has spread Hillary Clinton’s RUSSIA HOAX near and far. They are now taking about a coverup by president Trump. So who are they to say the Nancy Pelosi Drunk Video is Fake News? My money is on Nancy Pelosi WAS DRUNK!

Update 05/28/19: No, That “Drunk” Pelosi Video Wasn’t Doctored according to this post on Nancy Pelosi was INDEED DRUNK AS An OLD SKUNK! 😆

The Dobbs video embedded in Dan Bonginos article and the version Trump shared are identical. What will liberals try to argue now – that Lou Dobbs deceptively edited the clip himself? If that’s the case, then they can simply watch Pelosi’s press conference as uploaded by the far-left “NowThis,” which sounds identical.

So there we have it.. The Hateful old Sow was indeed Pie Eyed! 🙄

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  1. Anonymous

    Sorry, that video you posted above was not made by Now This, but was CNN comparing the faked video to the original broadcast.

    The video was altered. Which should have become completely evident with just a bit of research…

    Pelosi shares one characteristic with Trump, neither consumes alcohol at all. Two teetotalers.

    1. FidoSysop (Post author)

      Typical left winger hate media links, but we all have our opinions that makes America great! #Trump2020 #KAG2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


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