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Auschwitz 2020 The NEW Democratic Party Death Camp

How many of our young adults remember the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp in occupied Poland during WW2? Auschwitz was where Adolph Hitler shipped Jews by the thousands to be gassed to death. This post is authored after NBC Hater Lester Holt was bragging about the new Holocaust museum in NYC tonight.

Auschwitz 2020 The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is resembling the Auschwitz concentration death camp Holocaust of WW2

No disrespect to Holocaust survivors or their families is intended by this blog post. However the Democratic Party is the NEW Auschwitz of these modern times. What they are doing to President Trump is criminal just like Aushchwitz was back in WW2!

All the hatred of leftist liberal media is stirring up trouble. Many people are followers of media like CBS CNN MSNBC NBC etc. Our country is doing fantastic under President Donald J. Trumps leadership. Stop the NATE and Anti-Semitic attacks!

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