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James Comey Ringleader You’re Headed To Prison

Bumbling Idiot James Comey just can’t keep his rat trap shut. In a celebration of his 2nd anniversary of being FIRED by President Trump, the outhouse of fake news and corruption CNN took advantage of Comey’s Idiocy by holding a town hall in his honor. 🙄

James Comey

Lyin’ James Comey bragged about being fired by president Trump in this CNN town hall 05/09/19

Make no mistake, James Comey has brought disgrace to the good men and women of the FBI. He is the ringleader of the Clinton / Obama corrupt cops that are still trying to take our President down, despite the Mueller Report clearing him.

Last night on Hannity, Mark Levin had this to say. The Democratic Party has become a “cabal” that is trying to “reverse the 2016 election,” they continue to demand President Trump’s tax returns, but do not make similar requests of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Levin called Pelosi a “barely coherent” leader and noted that her husband Paul’s real estate investments have helped make the Pelosi family very very rich.

Bottom line, Democrats are loosing their minds grabbing at straws trying in vain to cover Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s butts. It’s coming boys and gals, get ready your cells are waiting. Meanwhile President Trump’s doing what he does best! 😉

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