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Democrats Unhinged Promoting Kentucky Fried Chicken

What part of NO Obstruction and NO Collusion Don’t Y’all Understand? The Mueller Report is finished and the finger is pointing at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and those dirty cops in the DOJ and FBI. Halftime is over and the ball belongs to President Trump!

Rep. Steve Cohen KFC

Rep. Steve Cohen brought a bucket of KFC and a plastic chicken to mock Attorney General William Barr’s no-show at the HJC hearing.

Looks more like a Taxpayer funded commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken to me. Rep. Steve Cohen is obviously suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Cohen also was accused of Racial Insensitivity by Fox News contributors Diamond And Silk, by eating fried chicken to mock William Barr, another white man. 🙄

The biggest news is Facebook lowered the boom on Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars, and Jewish journalist and activist Laura Loomer. Facebook also depersonalized Milo Yianappolous in it’s latest purge. Labeled “dangerous individuals.” Banned for life. This censorship is beyond anti-American. It’s truly Orwellian.

Mark Dice: I’m calling Congress every time this happens from now on. The U.S. Capitol switchboard is (202) 224-3121 so create a new Contact in your phone so you have it handy. They’ll forward your call to any Senator or House member.

Social Media Censorship is a major problem for us President Trump supporters and conservatives on the right side. Barack Obama during his 8 year sellout of America allowed big tech to gain too much power. Now with the 2020 campaign upon us social media censorship is ramping up. We were censored during the 2018 Midterm elections and still are censored today!

I maintain a Facebook page named after my bulletin board system operator days, FidoSysop. Using mostly my smartphone (Google Pixel 3 Spyware) and Hootsuite i share credible news articles, images, etc, of interest to other President Trump supporters. Last night i noticed shares from Fox News didn’t get many views. Could Facebook be censoring Fox News? OR could it be folks are boycotting Fox News for hiring Donna Brazile and censoring Judge Jeanine Pirro?

This is a censor free pro-Trump blog and forum. Your comments are encouraged and will not be removed. We also offer forums where anyone can post their own topic. Guest topics are permitted but forum registration has many perks.

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