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New York Times The Anti-Semitism Cyber Pay Toilet

The Anti-Semitism Cyber Pay Toilet AKA the New York Times published this cartoon of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in it’s International edition as a dog leading President Trump who is both blind and wearing a yarmulke.

NYT Anti-Semitism Cartoon

This filthy NYT anti-semitism cartoon is a hit piece on Benjamin Netanyahu and president Donald J. Trump

When is the fake-news media HATE going to stop? We’ve already proved there was no collusion with Russia in the Trump Campaign or Presidency. The country is doing fantastic, or as president trump declares, Better and Stronger than ever before. Yet cyber pay-toilets like the subscription based New York Times fed by Democrats keep piling on the hatred!

Yesterday another wacko anti-semitism hater opened fire on another synagogue, killing one and injuring others. He was stopped by an off duty border patrol agent who was there worshiping. The hate media is agitating people with their constant hatred of Donald Trump and his presidency.

One of the injured was Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein of Chabad of Poway CA. Goldstein praises his personal phone call from President Donald J. Trump. He went on to say the president spent 15 minutes on the phone offering his condolences and vowing to end anti-semanticist hatred.

The time is coming when the deep state rats who spied on the Trump campaign will see our justice system send them to jail. Even CNN and MSNBC will not be able to cover it up!

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