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Lisa Page Testimony Evidence Of Crimes Against Potus

Lisa Page outs Obama DOJ and claims FBI told not to charge Hillary Clinton for her crimes. Those of us who have been following the Mueller shenanigans could smell a dead rat in the woodpile. It’s all fixing to turn horribly bad for those dirty deep state rats covering Crooked Hillary and Barack Obama’s ass. Justice is coming soon! 😆

Lisa Page Testimony

Deep state rat Lisa Page testimony is evidence of crimes committed toward POTUS 45 Donald Trump. Lock Her Up!

The whole lot of these deep state rats are criminals. The entire Obama administration, including the leadership in the FBI and several of the agents are criminal as well. And this comes out of a criminal’s mouth as she is singing like a bird. Former FBI attorney Lisa Page told House Judiciary Committee members that the Obama Justice Department told the FBI not to charge Hillary Clinton for her crimes, which they knew she admitted to.

The release of transcripts by the committee of Page’s testimony last year point out this very thing. Below Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch talks about how it all went down.

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