Fox News Censors Justice Host Judge Jeanine Pirro

Fox News SUSPENDED Justice host Judge Jeanine Pirro for her opening statement about Ilhan Omar, saying Sharia Law is incompatible with the United States Constitution, among other TRUTHFUL statements. This is a huge load of liberal butt hurt! Fox caved to liberal haters who demanded her show be cancelled. The unfair Justice suspension is for two shows. 😡

Fox Suspends Justice Host Janine Pirro
Fox News being the cowards they are suspended justice host Janine Pirro for comments about Ilhan Omar, and the Democratic Party haters

Here is Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening statement on 03/09/19. She spoke the truth and always has. She has the guts to stand up for whats right for America. Liberals hate her with a passion. Too bad i can’t say that for Fox News since it started turning LEFT!.

It’s my personal opinion that anyone coming to America should do so under our laws and principals. I have no problem with Muslims or any others becoming citizens of our great nation. The problem here is the butt hurt media like CNN MSNBC and others that is stirring up trouble because they hate Donald Trump.

You are so correct, President Trump, and thank you for saying it! Fox News was made by hiring people who told the TRUTH, and being watched by those of us who wanted the TRUTH. If they abandon their people due to pressure from the Left, they will join the ranks of dying networks. Things at FOX News are changing, liberals are calling the shots!

I wouldn’t doubt these fake news scumbags were behind it!

Doe’s anyone think America is headed toward a civil war? The hatred on the left is out of control. Socialism will bankrupt America and turn it into another Venezuela! 😥

I'm a retired auto dealer (trust-me) and ASE cert technician. Hobbyist Fidonet BBS system operator (sysop) of doc's place computer bulletin board system, online since 1991. Webmaster and maga blogger sick of being bitch slapped by Facebook and Twitter. What I blog is credible, and is my personal opinion on the subject!

17 Thoughts to “Fox News Censors Justice Host Judge Jeanine Pirro”

  1. Dawn Sterling Isenberg

    Just came upon your site. Absolutely LOVE your truthfulness. My sincere condolences to you for the passing of your wife. Please stay strong. HUGS 💕

    1. FidoSysop

      Thanks Dawn for your comment. It’s president Trump and all of us against the haters. It’s tough without Wan’s love but I’m slowly moving on with my life. I’m a tough old geezer and will eventually be okay.

  2. Anonymous

    OAN for me

  3. B.

    I’ve stopped watching fox as well when Donna Brazile shows her faces. ( she has 2)
    Fox had turned to the left and thinks its doing us justice. They have another thing coming. No one will watch them or cnn.
    Judge Jeanine has a right to her opinion, 1st amendment! The left likes to remind us of it ,so there you go, 1st amendment!

    1. FidoSysop

      I only watch Fox & Friends, Hannity, and Judge Jeanine.

  4. Matt

    Fox is another piece of garbage joining the ranks of CNN and the rest. We the people will not stand for all your anti American but kissing. Join the left Fox and you can learn the hard way also. Bye bye fox, in the trash with the rest of the garbage!! Rev war coming soon! That’s exactly what the demorats want!

    1. Correct! The maga team made Fox News into what it was. 2020 is gonna be a challenge but I’m predicting a landslide #Trump2020 Victory! 🇺🇲❤️🇺🇸

  5. George

    Why is fox punishing Jeanine Pirro for telling the truth? Why is fox caving in to msm? msm has an agenda, is fox now also agenda driven. How about NEVER punishing those giving comentary when they are actually reporting the truth? I am sick of all the pc bs!

    1. This post is from 03/17/19 documents how Fox News censored Judge Jeanine Pirro on 03/09/19 who talked about anti-antisemitism and sharia law. The fact is Judge Jeanine spoke the TRUTH and was Slapped silly by Fox News who suspended her show for 2 weeks!

      Fox News is now the enemy of the people, in my personal opinion. I still watch Fox & Friends, Hannity, And Judge Jeanine, but change the channel if Donna Brazile makes an appearance. Fox News has turned left. Even president Trump says he will not watch Fox News on Sundays, the Trump Bashing is that bad!

  6. Margaret

    I believe the media, including fox are being led by the Muslims and the people that hate America! The destruction of America seem to be the goal of these people! We need a law prohibiting these people from entering and removing them when they violate the law! We also need to have a law prohibiting them from holding federal office! Their plan to destroying America are as plain as the nose on their face! Just like they are doing to Israel!

    1. Over the last few decades I’ve seen my country literally go to shit! Now under president trumps presidency America is back and open for business!

      What we’re seeing now is an extension of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s master plan to sell out what was left of America in 2016.

      Democrats and their globalist partners are mad as hell that we the people elected Donald Trump! It’s not so much Muslim’s as it is a Globalist overtake of our country, Muslim’s are only a part of the big picture.

      2020 is going to be a challenge, but with the Democrats having not one viable candidate we have to closely monitor Google and electronic voting machines, and anything election ballot related that’s connected to the net. I have no doubt there’s will be election fraud!

      1. Margaret Bryant

        There always has been. The Democrats have been busing people so they can vote twice, often under a deceased person.

        1. FidoSysop

          The double standard in our government amazes me. We need to build a large prison big enough to hold the whole democratic party! 🤬

  7. Anonymous

    if Fox news is going to fire their employees for speaking facts and truth where will this help to lead our nation?
    when Jeanine Pirro is speaking truth and bends to liberals demands to censor her they are trodden on American citizens

    1. Agreed since that censorship incident the Judge has not been the same. It’s my opinion left leaning Fox News muzzled her! #Trump2020 🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲

    2. Fox is quickly turning left. I’ve heard the owners two sons and big time liberals. Judge Jeanine don’t seem the same since they put a muzzle on her.

      1. Anonymous

        Perhaps she could use this site?

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