Fox News Kissing Liberals Butts Censors Jeanine Pirro

Fox News SUSPENDED Justice host Judge Jeanine Pirro for saying Sharia Law is incompatible with the United States Constitution, during her opening statement. This is a huge load of bullshit! Fox caved to liberal haters who demanded her show be cancelled. The suspension is for two shows. Fox News Cowards HAVE NO BALLS!! 😡

Here is Judge Jeanine Pirro’s opening statement on 03/09/19. She spoke the truth and always has. She has the guts to stand up for whats right for America. Liberals hate her with a passion. Too bad i can’t say that for Fox News. Fox is more concerned with their PROFITS!

It’s my personal opinion that anyone coming to America should do so under our laws and principals. I have no problem with Muslims or any others becoming citizens of our great nation. The problem here is the crap hate media like CNN MSNBC and others that is stirring up trouble because they hate Donald Trump.

You are so correct, President Trump, and thank you for saying it! Fox News was made by hiring people who told the TRUTH, and being watched by those of us who wanted the TRUTH. If they abandon their people due to pressure from the Left, they will join the ranks of dying networks. Things at FOX News are changing, liberals are calling the shots!

I wouldn’t doubt these lyin’ scumbags were behind it!

Doe’s anyone think America is headed toward a civil war? The hatred on the left is out of control. Socialism will bankrupt America and turn it into another Venezuela!

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