Ron DeSantis Wins FL Governor and Scott / Nelson Recount Ordered

Yesterday’s nail-biting Florida midterm Governor and Senate race Turned Florida Victoriously Red. Governor: Ron DeSantis won with 49.73% of votes vs Andrew Gillum with 49.05% with 99% precincts reporting. Senate: Rick Scott overtook Bill Nelson with 50.21% vs 49.79% with 100% precincts reporting as of this blog post.

It wasn’t an easy win by no means. I give thanks to James O’keefe and Project Veritas Action for exposing Democrat Andrew Gillum’s lies. His staffer Omar Smith sang like a canary to the undercover camera. Yea Andrew, We Florida Crackers are really happy you LOST! 😆

Mainstream Media mostly was silent about Gillum’s FBI investigation into Tallahassee city hall corruption. News is not NEWS these days when it comes to politics. From the cesspool of fake-news: CNN to NBC and MSNBC (nothing but crap.) ABC (always broadcasting crap.) CBS (constantly broadcasting *hit.) the hate is live-streamed 24/7.

These hate mongering fake-news networks help dishonest politicians win elections by covering up ‘REAL NEWS’ that voters should know about. They promote alleged dishonest candidates like Andrew Gillum and others.

As I am writing this blog post news just came out that Bill Nelson (D) has not conceded his loss by some 40,000 votes. The Florida senate race is headed for a recount! Nelsons campaign is not happy with their results. Bill ‘Russia Card‘ Nelson the sore loser? 🙄

So we sit back and watch what happens next. Possibly Bill Nelson will get Broward County supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes flip a few votes. Possibly she already did. 😡

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