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Full Video: Trump Rally Cleveland OH 11/05/18 at IX Center

President Trump campaigns for Republican candidates, Mike DeWine and Jim Renacci, at today’s rally in Cleveland, Ohio. He said Republican voters are energized heading into Tuesday’s vote, saying he hasn’t felt such electricity since he was elected president in 2016. There’s electricity like people have not seen since 2016 😉

On the day before America votes. President Trump is rallying in three battleground states in Ohio, Indiana and Missouri. We’re not letting Democrats win back Congress control.

In Ohio, President Trump campaigned for a slate of Republicans, including state Attorney General Mike DeWine in the Ohio governor’s race, as well as Republican Jim Renacci. Trump won the state with 52 percent of the vote in 2016.

Later Monday, the president flies to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he is hoping to give Republican Mike Braun a boost. In a late-night rally in Missouri, the president is lending a hand to Josh Hawley in his campaign to beat incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Trump Rally Cleveland OH

President Trump is campaigning in Cleveland OH for Republican candidates, Mike DeWine and Jim Renacci

Team Trump is helping President Donald Trump Keep America Great in 2018! DNC Defectors are Welcome. Dems Just Vote Republican for your Trump Train Ticket! 😎

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