Full Video: Trump Rally 10/31/18 Fort Myers FL at Hertz Arena

President Trump had the crowd roaring at last nights KAG2018 Rally in Fort Myers FL. The president was in Florida to support GOP Governor candidate Ron DeSantis, and U.S. Senate candidate Rick Scott. With only 6 days till the midterms, candidates slams against each other have heated up. Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum is in trouble after a staffer used racial slurs and referred to Floridian’s as Crackers! 😡

From dailycaller.com: Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is the latest to be stung by a Project Veritas undercover video. A video released on Thursday shows a campaign staffer they identify as Omar Smith using a racial slur and saying the candidate makes promises he knows he can’t keep. Floridan’s know that’s right! 😉

“It’s a cracker state,” Smith stated. “Get it? Ask anybody outside of here. You go Port St. Lucie, Orlando, man them crackers ain’t gonna let us do that sh*t dawg. Boy, you crazy?” Smith rambled on, saying, “Gillum is a progressive. He is a part of the crazy, crazy, crazies.”

One media source is saying President Trump was wrapping up his rallies at Ft Myers, FL, which is incorrect. There are many more rallies planned through election day. Wanna attend a Trump Rally? The official schedule is here on donaldjtrump.com.

Haloween Trump Rally Estero FL
Some attendees wear Halloween costumes during President Trumps rally outside Ft Meyers FL

Speaking of Crackers. I’m one of those Crackers Mayor Gillums staffer Omar Smith was poking sticks at. Andrew here lies like the rug on my floor. He is the up-and-coming corruption poster-guy. He used city of Tallahassee funds for a private jet to a campaign event. Gillum accepted Hamilton tickets from an FBI agent, investigating corruption in Tallahassee FL where he is mayor. His Brother illegally voted for him more than once. Tossed a Jewish woman out of a Synagogue. And Andrew Gillum is ANTI-POLICE! 😡

President Trump was correct calling Andrew Gillum a Thief!

Trump Rally 10/31/18 Fort Myers FL
Another great Trump Rally in Estero, FL, (outside Fort Meyers) had the crowd roaring last night

Team Trump is helping President Donald Trump Keep America Great in 2018! DNC Defectors are Welcome. Dems Just Vote Republican for your Trump Train Ticket! 😎

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  1. Sandra Rose Rommel

    Any idea where I can get video of ME singing the National Anthem at Trump Hertz Arena rally? Can’t find it anywhere. MAGA!

    1. FidoSysop

      Possibly try the #GOP YouTube channel. They have a bunch if not all of President Trumps videos. Keep On Trumping! #MAGA #KAG2018

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