Andrew Gillum Slammed For Dream Defenders Anti-Police Pledge

Florida Governor candidate Andrew Gillum (Dream Defenders) is in trouble again. No it’s not the FBI this time (the FBI Investigation is still ongoing.) In order to receive support from the group, Gillium signed an Anti-Police Pledge. Dream Defenders is an Anti-Government and Anti-Law Enforcement radical group not suited for Florida.

Dream Defenders Anti-Police Pledge
Andrew Gillum pledged to divest from police if elected governor. Police endorse his opponent Ron DeSantis to keep Florida safe.

From Jeff Bell, president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, told Palm Beach County radio host Brian Mudd during a WJNO interview Friday that he has endorsed Ron DeSantis for Florida governor. He does so, he said, with the overwhelming support of his association.

When you look at Mr. Gillum’s track record, and with his association with groups such as the Dream Defenders. Which is an anti-law enforcement, anti-government radical group. Which calls for Andrew Gillum to sign a pledge. That pledge if he is elected governor of Florida to divert money away from law enforcement and away from prisons in the state.

Dream Defenders taking away money from law enforcement does not protect the citizens of Florida. It weakens the ability of law enforcement to actually protect the innocents.

Andrew Gillum is doing everything he can to strip money and strip powers away from law enforcement. He will give it to these radical groups that create the discourse between the community and law enforcement such as Dream Defenders.

This leads to further assassinations of deputies and police officers that are on the street protecting everybody. So we can’t support a candidate like Andrew Gillum, we must get someone like Ron DeSantis in office to keep Florida safe!

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