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Welcome to You’ve arrived at Doc’s FidoSysop MAGA Archives SuperSite. The Number 1 Hobbyist Operated NO FAKE NEWS Independent Website in all of Cyberspace! 😎

Doc’s little chunk of cyberspace is a good-sized web archive of Florida Cracker ‘Doc’ AKA FidoSysop, adventures in cyberspace dating back to the dial-up computer bulletin board system days. Fidonet is the first global communications network operated by hobbyists on personal computers transferring early ‘echomail and netmail‘ around the world on dial-up modems.

wildcat bbs version 5 sysops view has a large assortment of pro-Donald Trump articles, videos, and forum posts. Unfortunately, its political content is considered damaging by big-tech who has stripped most of it from search indexes. If you can’t search and find evidence of government wrongdoings there must not be any. As the old saying goes, nothing hurts worse than the truth that’s archived here!

America is being taken over by globalists that hate what America stands for. Personally, I believe the people are fed up with their rights being squashed. There’s a reason the capital is lined with barbed wire fencing and staffed by the National Guard. The Biden Harris admin is presently turning America into a 3rd world shit-hole and they are very afraid! The people are tired of being censored by social media monoliths who suspend members’ accounts because they are more powerful than the government denying our 1st amendment rights to free speech. It’ll be interesting to find out what’s going on behind the scenes over at Donald Trump’s new website! ?

This website Is hosted on a dedicated web server running WHM / cPanel under Linux operating system. It’s self-administered by Doc who keeps it well updated to fend off attacks from hoards of unruly and nosy bots. Its DNS, encryption, and security, are managed by CloudFlare. is simply a hobby website that does not run ads or attempt to generate revenue. Since I was a teenager hanging out at a local TV shop learning to fix radios and television sets I was thrilled with electronics. When the net was rolled out to the public I felt right at home, and have amassed vast webmaster knowledge since then, and continue hanging out in cyberspace keeping up with tech and blogging about politics or whatever is on my mind.

Need net help? Call the good doctor!